Bridget Verdant is the second member of the Mew Mews formally introduced to the readers. Infused with the DNA of a Finless Porpoise, Bridget's legs can change into a porpoise's tail while she is underwater, greatly improving her swimming ability. In the anime adaptation, this change can only occur when Lettuce is in the presence of mew aqua. Bridget is portrayed as a shy character lacking self-confidence and is the subject of frequent bullying. She is afraid of her Mew Mew powers at first, causing them to go out of control until she is calmed by Zoey and Corina. The other members of the group consider Lettuce to be a kind and selfless person. As the series progresses, Bridget becomes a more confident person through the other Mew Mews' regular encouragement. She meeting to Berry and is friendship.


Lettuce's D.N.A is infused with the D.N.A of the Finless Porpoise, a cousin of the dolphin, so Lettuce's legs can transform into a porpoise's tail when she is underwater (if she is in possession of Mew Aqua), greatly approving her ability to swim. She is the third girl to join the mew mews and, at first, is afraid to use her powers, but this changes because of Ichigo Momomiya and Mint Aizawa's encouragement.


  • "Lettuce Castanets" - Lettuce's antennas get longer and her castanets appear.
    • In Mew Mew Power her castanets are called "Combat Castanets".


  • Lettuce's main attack is "Ribbon Lettuce Rush". She uses her castanets to create aqua attacks in the form of jet streams or slashes.
    • In Mew Mew Power, "Ribbon Lettuce Rush" is renamed to "Deep Sea Surge Attack", "Tidal Wave Rush" or "Underwater Surge Attack".
  • Lettuce's Super boot is "Super Boot Lettuce Kick" and "Super Boot Lettuce Kick Fly"


  • Normally Lettuce cannot swim but she is able to as Mew Lettuce and she can become a mermaid if she gets in touch with Mew Aqua.
  • Lettuce can move water with her mind (an example of this is her first appearance in her school when Mint and Ichigo are investigating the "ghost".
  • Lettuce's boot is the powerful in the episode 14 "Super Boot of Bridget".