Mew Two is the second episode in the English dub, Mew Mew Power. It is preceded by Episode 01: The Mew Kid in Town and followed by Episode 03: Pooltergeist.

Episode SummaryEdit

Elliot and Wesley take Zoey to Cafe Mew Mew and tell her about the Mew Project. A project which combined endangered animal DNA with compatible humans, so that the human could combat an alien force who plan to use the Earth's animals to wipe out the human race. With little choice but to accept, Zoey is assigned to work at the Cafe so she can be ready for whatever trouble may come, and second, to find the rest of the Mew team. Zoey doesn't have to look far to find the second Mew. Zoey meets a very stuck up rich girl named Corina Bucksworth. She is sent by Elliot and Wesley to investigate Corina and is invited in for dinner. Unfortunately, Corina's dog, Mickey, is turned into a Predasite. Zoey transforms into a Mew Mew and begs Corina to do so when Corina discovers a Mew Mew Mark on her back. Corina refuses to become a "freak girl" like Zoey, but when Mickey attacks her, she transforms into a Mew and defeats the Predasite inside Mickey.


  • The second main protagonist, Corina Bucksworth, is introduced in this episode. She is the second Mew to join the Mew Project.
  • The episode title is a pun on the Pokemon named Mewtwo. 4Kids used to dub both Pokemon and Mew Mew Power.