The Main Mew's Muse is the original pilot episode for the English dub, Mew Mew Power. It is followed by Episode 01: The Mew Kid in Town.

Episode SummaryEdit

Dren tries to poison the city by using cherry trees to pollute the air. The girls know they must destroy the trees, but Zoey can't bring herself to do it because one tree means so much to Mark.


  • Chronologically, this is the twelfth Mew Mew Power episode. It was aired as the pilot and skipped over when it should have been shown, leaving significant plot holes.
  • It was initially created as a "sneak peek" episode that was to air September 4, 2004, as part of a promotion that 4Kids TV (at the time called the Fox Box) was hosting known as "You Pick It, We Play It". During the summer, previews for Mew Mew Power were shown along with One Piece and F-Zero: GP Legend and viewers had the opportunity to go online and vote for which one they wanted to air first. Throughout the poll, One Piece and Mew Mew Power were neck and neck, while F-Zero: GP Legend was in last place. Just when it seemed Mew Mew Power would win at the end, F-Zero: GP Legend ended up airing, possibly due to a rigging.
  • When the episode was initially scheduled for its February 19, 2005 airdate, it was scheduled that The Cramp Twins would continue to occupy its timeslot the weeks after, implying that it would be a sneak peek with the series officially airing in the fall. At the last minute, 4Kids canceled The Cramp Twins and continued airing Mew Mew Power in its slot, leaving no explanation as to why this episode doesn't fit in with the rest of the series.