Zoey became a cat! In this form, she has to face a lot of troubles. Fortunately, after running away from a fat cat, she stops right in front of Mark's house. Mark finds her and takes her inside to clean her up. In the evening, when the boy falls asleep, Zoey gets an idea to kiss him. She ends up kissing his dog instead because it got in the way, but it actually helps her to change back into a human. Zoey tries to sneak out through the window, but gets licked by the dog again, and again transforms into a cat. She figures out that she needs to kiss someone in order to transform back. The fat cat finds her again, but she certainly doesn't want to kiss this creature, even if it can help her. Suddenly, a grey kitten with a green bandana around the neck appears and scares the fat cat off. Zoey accidentally falls into the river, and the grey kitten dives after her. He tells her that his name is Alto. When Zoey regains consciousness, the kitten is gone, she is in human form again, and she sees Elliot bending over her. He says that she must defeat the aliens as soon as possible to stop turning into a cat. Elliot offers to take Zoey home, and actually apologizes to her.