At the train station Zoey meets a cat, and to her astonishment hears him talk. Later, the same cat appears at the Cafe Mew Mew, and Zoey is the only one who can understand him (due to her cat genes). The cat's name is Asano, and he wants the girls to find his love, a Lilac Point Siamese cat named Jaqueline, who has moved to another place with her owner. The girls discover that Jaqueline's owner, Mr. Ijuuin, is searching for a fiancé for her, and take Asano to the Cat Fair where Jaqueline was. The cat gets a chance to speak to Jaqueline, and she tells him that she can't leave Mr. Ijuuin, because she knows that he feels lonely after his wife's death, and that for him she is a precious memory of his wife. Asano saves Jaqueline, when one of the cats turns into a Chimera Anima, and after that Mr. Ijuuin allows them to be together.