Zoey fears that Mark has lost interest in her, and goes to consult Mariko, a fortune-teller from high school. At first, Mariko tells the girl that Mark is a bad guy, then finally says that she and Mark are good for each other, but she'd better be honest about her feelings. The next day, Zoey happens to see Mariko looking at a young member of the school soccer team named Shunsuke. Mariko sees Shunsuke with another girl, and later she tells him his fortune: he should tell the person he loves about his feelings on Sunday, in a park with a fountain. The aliens start searching for Mariko's crystal ball, thinking that it contains the Mew Aqua. On Sunday, Zoey comes to the park. Upon seeing Shunsuke, she hides behind a tree, and finds Mariko there. Dren appears, and tries to get Mariko's spirit, but ends up getting Shunsuke's, when the latter jumps in front of his attack to protect Mariko. He creates an elephant Chimera Anima. The other Mew Mews arrive and try to stop Dren. The Blue Knight comes again to help Mew Zoey, and she is able to defeat the monster and return Shunsuke's spirit. When the Mews try to get Mariko's crystal ball back, it shatters, proving that it wasn't a Mew Aqua. Shunsuke finally tells Mariko that it was her whom he was waiting for.