Corina unexpectedly invites the girls to the tea party, and they are wondering why she did it until one more guest arrives - a spoiled rich girl named Kanna Saionji, who claims to be Corina's eternal rival. Meanwhile, a box is delivered to the party, which contains something that Corina wanted to bring. Dren suspects that it can be the Mew Aqua, and tries to get the box. Saionji, who doesn't seem to realize she's in danger, grabs the box from the alien, which results in him creating a Chimera Anima from someone's spirit. Corina ends up saving Saionji from the monster. The Mew Mews are losing badly, until the Blue Knight arrives to save Mew Zoey and reveals the monster's weak point. Together, Mew Zoey and Mew Corina defeat the Chimera Anima. Saionji admits that she just envied Corina. The box actually contains Corina's special tea, and the girls invite Saionji to drink it with them. Saionji refuses, but promises to invite them to the party at her house, where they can taste better tea, as she is still going to show that some things she has are better than Corina's.