The Mew Mews are battling Tard's cactus-like Chimera Anima, when a young man appears and defeats the monster with his bare hands. The man is Yuebin Ron, and he is an apprentice of Kiki's father. Yuebin needs to compete with Kiki for the right to be the next successor of the special fighting technique used by Kiki's family. He wins, and tells Kiki that now she'll have to become his fiancé. After he accidentally knocks off Kiki's precious photo album, the girl runs away and locks herself in the Cafe. The other girls have to fight Dren and his Chimera Anima. Tard takes Kiki to the place where they were, and she is helpless, until Yuebin comes and saves her. The monster is defeated. Yuebin later leaves for China to continue his training, as he wants to be strong enough to protect his future wife.