During a charity drive, Wesley, Zoey and Kiki try to sell some food outside the Cafe. Corina is selling an old cabinet. Bridget arrives late and brings a lot of toys that she made herself. The toys quickly become popular, and in the evening, the last one is bought by Ayano Uemura, a famous doll-maker. Ayano likes the toy and offers Bridget to work together. She invites her to her workshop and suggests that they make a toy together. They did so, and later Ayano takes it to the doll exibition. Bridget is happy; however, when the girls come to the exibition, they discover that Ayano claimed the doll as her own. Ayano denies that the doll wasn't made by her. Dren appears and steals Ayano's spirit to make a spider Chimera Anima. The girls defeat the monster. Ayano admits that she just ran out of new ideas and started to envy Bridget. Bridget forgives her, saying that it doesn't matter who made the toy as long as it makes people happy.