Zoey delivers a birthday cake to a little girl from the daycare. The girl, Momoka, turns out to be a huge fan of Renee, but she seems to be lonely. Zoey tells Renee about Momoka. After some time, Renee sees Momoka in a restaurant. The girl runs out of the restaurant upon hearing that her parents were unable to come. Renee tells her that her parents still love her and invites her to have dinner together. The next day Momoka receives a present from her parents - a beautiful pendant. Dren suspects that it has the Mew Aqua in it. When the kids from the daycare are having a picnic with their families, Momoka's parents are late again. Momoka runs away and accidentally drops Renee's handkerchief into the river. Dren appears and offers his help - in exchange for the pendant. Renee finds the handkerchief and goes to help Momoka. She transforms, but is trapped in vines by Tard. Dren discovers that the pendant does not contain the Mew Aqua, and the aliens leave, when the other Mew Mews appear. Renee gives Momoka back the handkerchief and the pendant. Momoka's parents arrive, and Renee believes they will never leave Momoka alone again.