It is almost Christmas, and Zoey is happy, planning to spend time with Mark; however, her happiness disappears when she realizes that she has been lying to Mark all the time, trying to hide the fact that she is a Mew Mew. She gets depressed, but Renee invites her to go Christmas shopping, so that she could find a present for Mark. Renee tells her that if she can't open her heart, she needs something to reflect her feelings, and Zoey chooses a necklace called "Tears for Christmas". She still can't face Mark, but a day later she makes up her mind and goes to the big Christmas tree in Odaiba to meet him. While she is waiting, the aliens appear. Zoey transforms, and her emotions materialize the Mew Aqua at the top of the Christmas tree. The Mew Mews prepare to fight for it.