The Mew Mews try to protect the Mew Aqua, but the aliens manage to add more energy to it, putting the area in danger of being destroyed. The girls use "Mew Power Extension" to reduce the power of the explosion. The only victim is Mark, who appears at the wrong time and gets hit by one of the fragments of the Mew Aqua. Zoey goes with him to the hospital and keeps watching over him and talking to him. She says she is sorry for not being able to tell him about her being a Mew Mew. She starts crying, causing one of the Mew Aquas to react, and it begins to snow. Mark wakes up and suggests that they go out. The two return to the Christmas tree. Zoey gathers enough courage to tell Mark about her secret, but Mark says that he already knew she was a Mew Mew, and doesn't mind it. Zoey finally gives him "Tears for Christmas".