Sardon creates a Chimera Anima that can manipulate dreams. After the date with Mark Zoey meets Tard, who traps her using some plants. The Chimera Anima puts Zoey into sleep and turns into a replica of her. In this form, the monster goes to the Cafe Mew Mew, and eventually sends the four girls into Zoey's dream. The girls transform, but everything in the world of Zoey's dream is manipulated by the Chimera Anima, even the Mew Mews attacks, which the monster sends back to them. The only way to win is to wake Zoey up. Dren unexpectedly stops Sardon from killing Zoey (the girls inside her dream would die along with her), and wakes her up, freeing the Mew Mews. The Chimera Anima is defeated. Dren tries to kill Mew Zoey, but he is too weak (he was injured in the last battle with the Blue Knight). Zoey shouts at the aliens, but they tell her that they are fighting for their friends as well. The girls realize that the aliens do have feelings and something they want to protect.