Mark continues to have weird dreams, where someone tells him to wake up. Kiki has a day off, and is enjoying a performance at the Tokyo Dome, when something strange starts to happen. Kiki transforms, and soon finds a huge hole in the floor. She jumps into the hole, and finds Tard, who didn't expect her to appear. Tard explains that they plan to make the whole area cave in, and he is experimenting with Chimera Animas digging holes under this building. He shows Mew Kiki the monster, but it goes out of control. The exit is blocked by stones, but Mew Kiki is happy to be with Tard, saying they don't need to fight as they are both trapped, and gives him a candy. Outside the dome, the other Mew Mews are fighting the Chimera Anima. Upon defeating it, they use Mew Power Extension to prevent the dome from collapsing, while Elliot and Wesley are evacuating people. Tard finally says that it will be boring if Kiki dies, and makes many trees grow around the dome to support it. He teleports Kiki to the surface, and she calls him her friend. Tard shouts at her and leaves, but he is happy about the candy he received.