Dren tries to persuade the girls that Renee has betrayed them, and offers Renee to join him. He then teleports away along with her. Elliot informs the Mews that they have located the Mew Aqua. The place is a protective area for wild birds, and one of the swans there has the Mew Aqua. The birds brought it there so that the Mew Mews could save them - as explained by Corina, who can understand birds. The aliens appear. Corina, who is hurt by Renee's betrayal, refuses to transform. The swan absorbs the Mew Aqua and flies away. Later, Zoey starts to think that Renee left them, because she wanted them to become more independent. Meanwhile, Renee and Corina meet in the bird area and start to fight each other. Zoey arrives to stop them. The aliens create a twister, and the birds are sucked into it. Mew Corina flies up and summons the Mew Aqua from inside the swan, allowing Mew Zoey to use the Mew Aqua Rod to stop the twister. Renee explains the true reason for her behavior and apologizes to the girls.