Elliot and Wesley discover that the Mew Aqua was probably made by Dren's race in ancient times. Wesley (and the aliens, as well) finds sources of strange energy in Tokyo. Trees start growing everywhere, turning the city into a forest. The Mew Mews find something that looks like a huge Mew Aqua, but Tard turns the tree where it was located into a Chimera Anima. Mew Zoey tries to fight the monster, when Alto and the Blue Knight appear at the same moment to save her. She finds herself in Elliot's arms, and sees the Blue Knight standing at a distance from them, realizing that the two are not the same person. The Mew Mews defeat the Chimera Anima, but still don't know what was that energy that turned Tokyo into a forest, and Elliot says that something even worse might happen.