St. Valentine's day is coming, and Zoey decides to make chocolate for Mark. With Wesley's help, she is finally able to make some. When she is on her way to meet Aoyama, she is confronted by Dren, who chases her and knocks away her pendant when she is about to transform. Mark somehow feels that Zoey is in danger, and appears just as Dren is ready to kill the girl. He refuses to run away, and after getting injured he suddenly glows with blue light and transforms into the Blue Knight. However, because of his injury he can't fight normally, and almost gets killed by Dren. The other Mew Mews arrive, but they are told by Elliot not to interfere. At the last moment Zoey grabs her pendant and runs in front of Dren's attack. Dren is shocked, thinking he has killed Zoey, but Mew Zoey's weapon puts a shield around her, saving both her and the Blue Knight. Zoey tells Dren that she won't go with him, and the alien leaves, depressed. Later, Zoey gives Mark her chocolate, and he actually likes it. Dren begins to wonder who the Blue Knight really is.