Mark sees a dream about Zoey inviting him to the Cafe Mew Mew to join the team. The next day his dream comes true, making him worry about his other dream (Zoey crying), but he accepts the invitation. Elliot doesn't seem to like the idea of Mark joining the Mew Mews, and Renee is concerned about it, too. The team is sent to investigate a strange phenomenon: a light emitted from the river, which could be coming from the Mew Aqua. The water in the river is shining, and it turns out to be very clear. The aliens appear, and everyone transforms. Mew Kiki jumps into the river to look for the Mew Aqua, as does Tard. Sardon creates many Chimera Stingrays, and they attack the Mew Mews. Kiki and Tard fight underwater, and eventually discover that the source of the light isn't the Mew Aqua. Mew Zoey uses her attack to power up the Blue Knight's sword, and he destroys all of the Chimera Animas. The strange light disappears, and everyone is left wondering what is going to happen next.