Deep Blue announces that the aliens' new mission is to destroy the Blue Knight, and Sardon comes up with a plan to kidnap Mew Zoey, as he has noticed that the Blue Knight only comes to protect her when she is in danger. Meanwhile, Zoey is really happy, as Mark now works as a waiter in the Cafe Mew Mew. The next day, when a Chimera Anima appears, the two leave together to join the rest of the team. The monster is a huge octopus-like creature, and the Mew Mews, including Zoey, are finally trapped by its tentacles. Sardon and Tard tell the Blue Knight that Zoey will die if he doesn't drop his sword; he does, and quickly gets attacked repeatedly by the two aliens. When they are about to kill him, Mew Zoey suddenly breaks free and is able to save the Blue Knight. She then attacks the aliens, and they are shocked at seeing her new unbelievable power. However, Dren, who was watching from above, figures out that this power actually did not come from Zoey.