The whole team is happily eating barbeque in the forest, until Wesley reveals the true reason for inviting them here: there is a Mew Aqua somewhere near. While exploring the rock formation, the girls and Mark get lost, and when something strange starts happening, everyone transforms. The rocks begin to crack, and the Mews get separated. The Blue Knight falls from the rock and transforms back into Mark. When he comes to himself, he is confronted by Dren, who reveals his main weak point: Mark can't become the Blue Knight if he is not protecting Zoey. When Dren is about to kill him, Mew Zoey somehow teleports and appears between them, but Mark is knocked unconscious. Dren then tries to kill Zoey, which results in Mark transforming into the Blue Knight, who gets angry and loses control on his powers. The four Mew Mews are teleported to Mew Zoey. They manage to put on a shield just before the whole rock explodes because of the Blue Knight's power. All the girls are safe, and Mark, who detransformed again, is safe, too; however, the rock is completely destroyed. Sardon and Tard appear before Dren, who tells them that the Blue Knight is the one who can save them.