Elliot and Wesley announce that the girls will take a vacation from the Cafe for a little while. The strange energy responce is growing, convincing them that the final battle may be coming up, and the Mew Mews need to get refreshed before it. While everyone is enjoying normal lives, Zoey finds out that Mark is missing. Dren tells Sardon and Tard that he is going to use the Blue Knight's powers instead of waiting for Deep Blue's awakening. Tard supports the idea, but Sardon doesn't. The aliens release all previous Chimera Animas to distract the Mew Mews and keep Mew Zoey and the Blue Knight from coming together. Dren and Tard find Mark and try to take his spirit, but can't. Elliot finally realizes what is going on, and sends the Mews to find Mark. When Mew Zoey appears, Mark is lying unconscious, and when she comes closer, he transforms into the Blue Knight. The energy from the Mew Aquas in Tokyo gathers around him, then, right before the Mew Mews' eyes, the Blue Knight transforms into an alien with long dark hair and pale skin. The alien introduces himself as Deep Blue.