Deep Blue summons his base and teleports there. Wesley detects the final Mew Aqua inside the base. Sardon creates a Chimera Anima that is the same that killed Elliot's parents. While the other four Mew Mews are fighting it, Mew Zoey tries to get the base. Tard stops Sardon from attacking her, and Sardon kills his comrade. Deep Blue figures out where the last Mew Aqua is. When Zoey finally reaches his room, he attacks her. Dren appears, and apologizes to Deep Blue for disrespects. He pretends that he is going to kill Mew Zoey, but suddenly teleports and appears with his blade to Deep Blue's throat; however, Deep Blue is quicker. Dren dies in Zoey's arms, and she starts crying, making Mark's dream come true. Deep Blue starts screaming, releasing enormous energy, which kills the Chimera Anima outside the base and destroys everything around. Sardon uses his fans to protect the Mew Mews, and dies in the process. Mew Zoey comes to herself and sees Deep Blue standing before her. Deep Blue's skin becomes darker, he drops his sword and calls Zoey by her name.