Mark begins to blame himself for the destruction he has caused when being under Deep Blue's control. Mew Zoey hugs him, and feels the presense of the Mew Aqua inside him. Deep Blue's spirit takes over his body again, and after some fighting between the two spirits Deep Blue claims that he has completely erased Mark's consciousness. Just as he is about to use the Mew Aqua to destroy the Earth, Mark's spirit raises out of his body and pulls Deep Blue's spirit out. Mark then tells Zoey to attack, claiming that he will be OK. Only after "Reborn Strawberry Surprise" hits Deep Blue, Zoey realizes that Mark will die along with him. Mark explains that he did it to save the Earth, and tells Zoey that he loves her. When Deep Blue is finally dead, the released Mew Aqua showers over Tokyo, healing the destroyed city. Mew Zoey says she won't let Mark die and kisses him, giving him her power. When Mark comes to himself, Mew Zoey is lying near him, and he realizes that she is dead. The other Mew Mews teleport to Deep Blue's base, and they are shocked by Zoey's death. They start crying, and suddenly detransform. The base starts to fall apart. Dren appears with the final Mew Aqua; the aliens thank the Mews and teleport them to the ground below. They destroy the base to prevent it from falling on Tokyo, and leave the Earth. Mark kisses Zoey, and she detransforms, losing her cat powers, and wakes up, to everyone's happiness.

Special Ending:

5 Year ago Mark decides to study abroad to study endangered species, so the girls hold a mock wedding for he and Zoey before he leaves.

Japanese Ending: (Alternate Ending)

Later, the five girls meet near the Cafe Mew Mew, which is now closed. They wonder where did Elliot and Wesley go. Suddenly, the two appear before them and announce that they have new enemies to fight. The girls say that they are not Mew Mews anymore, but Elliot points out that they still have Mew Marks. Wesley explains that their powers disappeared temporarily due to the effect of the Mew Aqua. The girls transform and leave the Cafe, ready to protect the Earth again.



Zoey "dies", but Mark kisses her and she comes back to life. This is similar to the classic stories and the Disney movies: "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty"